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SEA LIFE Centre Weymouth

Discover an amazing underwater world at Sea Life Weymouth.


Night & Day Ocean Experience: Experience the 24-hour wonder of a coral reef as it moves from night to day in our re-imagined Ocean Tunnel display.

Shipwreck: Visit Shipwreck for colourful creatures with lots of character. Did you know that all of our clownfish are bred at SEA LIFE!

Rainforest: Take an adventure, deep into the Rainforest and discover weird and wonderful creatures from Poison Dart Frogs, Piranha, Dragonfish and Archerfish.

Harbourside: Head to Harbourside, home to native species to the UK.

Tropical Lagoon: Head to the tropics, we have thousands of amazing creatures!

Nursery: Meet Pipefish, Seahorses and the graceful weedy Sea Dragons in our nursery.

Turtle Sanctuary: From tiny terrapins, freshwater turtles and our popular green sea turtles – find out their stories at our turtle sanctuary.


Caribbean Cove Adventure: Calling all Captains, Commodores and Sailors! Come and climb aboard the Caribbean Cove Galleon and sail away to the seven seas on a magical adventure. Pirate Adventure game of mini golf.

Castaway Bay Splash Zone & Pool: The Splash Zone and Pool at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park provide hours of fun. Dive in and out of the water play jets or take a dip and cool down in our Pool. *Caution… You will get wet!

Wetlands: Our Wetlands Conservation Trail was designed and developed to encourage native species of wildlife into the Park.

Sensory Garden: Awaken your senses and soothe your mind. A sensory garden is all about stimulating and engaging the basic senses of sight, smell, sound and touch.

Fairy Penguin Island: Walk with the world’s smallest penguins and interact with them in a whole new way through their walkthrough island.

Seal Harbour: Head to Seal Harbour and meet our friendly resident Common Harbour Seals.

Rockpool: Watch out for the tide! At the Rockpool, you’ll find creatures native to the UK including starfish, shore crabs, anemones and sea urchins.

Humboldt Penguin Beach: All of the Humboldt Penguins at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park are named after trees! Meet the comical bunch at Penguin Beach.

Otters: Our playful and cheeky Asian Short-Clawed Otters are brother and sister; Branston and Badger.

Please visit website for more information, opening times and prices.

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Lodmoor Country Park, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 7SX